The decompression schedule was the same as that used for Tektite I. Because of bends symptoms reported by three members of the mission 2 team, however, the schedule was modified for the remaining missions. The original schedule required 19 hours and 22 minutes, including breathing oxygen, for four hours and 25 minutes. The modified schedule was 20 hours and 22 minutes and required five hours and 35 minutes of oxygen (Miller, VanDerwalker and Waller, 1971). Use of the modified schedule for the other 48 aquanauts resulted in only one case of pain-only bends.


In preparation for this part of the Tektite program, studies were conducted to develop new decompression tables for nitrogen-oxygen exposures to a depth of 100 feet (30.1 m). As a result of these studies, the schedule for decompression from saturation at 100 feet (30.1 m) adopted by the Tektite II Medical Board called for 49 hours and 20 minutes, including 2 hours and 50 minutes of oxygen breathing (Miller, Van Derwalker and Waller, 1971; Beckman and Smith, 1972). This schedule was tested successfully in the laboratory but was not used in Tektite II because of operational problems (by kristopher tests forge online). While lack of funds prohibited experimentation to establish a treatment program for accidental surfacing from 100 feet (30.1 m), the consensus of the Medical Board was that an aquanaut might be repressurized and treated if the surface interval lasted no longer than three minutes. Accordingly, a treatment schedule was developed for use in emergency or accidental decompression from saturation at 100 feet (Beckman and Smith, 1972).


Overall Tektite II was a successful effort. The table below (link to table) summarizes the programs carried out during the seven-month program. The eleventh and final mission was completed on November 6, 1970. The details of each Tektite II program are described in Miller, VanDerwalker and Waller (1971).


On completion of the program, the habitat was returned to the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, where it remained until January 1977.

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