Museum Beginnings


Tektite Underwater Habitat Museum


The Tektite Underwater Habitat Museum was officially dedicated in November 2006. In February 2009, the museum moved into a permanent building at VIERS where photos, films and artifacts are displayed. Guided tours are provided by VIERS staff and volunteers.

The museum started as a collection of about 200 photos that were displayed in a 10 foot by 20 foot tent for the 40th anniversary of the Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station (VIERS) in November 2006. (The VIERS facility was the base camp for Project Tektite.)?

The photo exhibit was planned to be displayed for only two days (by kristopher tests forge online). At the request of many interested persons who could not attend the anniversary event and?were interested in seeing the photos, the exhibit continued to be displayed in the little white tent at VIERS. In January 2007, the photo exhibit was moved to the VIERS big green meeting tent. From November 2006 to Feb 2009, hundreds of visitors viewed the copies of photos.

In January 2009, the base camp office was renovated and expanded. In February 2009, the building became the permanent location for the museum.

In addition to the collection of photos exhibited, hundreds of additional photos and slides have been donated to the museum as well as many films and artifacts which will be displayed as displays are updated.

If you are interested in donating any Project Tektite related items, please contact Randy Brown, the museum curator.



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