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ReCaribe 2012 St. Kitts and Nevis

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ReCaribe: The Wider Caribbean Solid Waste and Recycling Alliance


History: The solid waste management situation in the Caribbean has been tackled in the past by individual countries with assistance from the Pan American Health Organization and other international agencies.  Despite these national efforts there has been limited progress.  Regional efforts have mainly been administered through organizations such as the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute in St. Lucia.  During the past two decades, several attempts to develop an association of solid waste professionals in the Caribbean were unsuccessful.  A growing interest in both the public and private sectors on solid waste and recycling issues resulted in the formation of ReCaribe.


ReCaribe: Re (for recycling) and Caribe (for the wider Caribbean) is the acronym for the Wider Caribbean Solid Waste and Recycling Alliance.  ReCaribe which was established by resolution at Clean Islands International’s 1995 Caribbean Waste Management Conference, (Puerto Rico, November 1995) in which professionals from the Caribbean and North America participated.  Established as the Wider Caribbean Waste Reduction and Recycling Alliance, the name was revised in May 199 to the Wider Caribbean Solid Waste and Recycling Alliance to reflect the desire of the ReCaribe’98 delegates to increase efforts to address solid waste issues in the region.


ReCaribe is an alliance of individuals, organizations, representatives of industry and governments dedicated to improving solid waste management practices through education and the use and adaption of appropriate technology and methodology in the Wider Caribbean region.

Objectives include:

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Wider Caribbean Solid Waste and Recycling Alliance
please contact us by e-mail:

ReCaribe c/o Clean Islands

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Clean Islands International
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ReCaribe is administered by
Clean Islands International
Randy Brown, Executive Director

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